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Customs clearance is not possible without "Knowledge" and "Experience". Since 1998 we have an in-depth Knowledge and Experience in Customs Clearance;

Faster Transport thanks to correct customs documents

Due to the high demands of customs and the growing together of the economic areas, one often faces many Ask. A wide variety of goods and the extensive regulations in the national & international trade complicate the creation of customs documents. We take over the complete customs clearance for you incl. Customs documents, as well as international secure shipping according to current regulations.

We can support you competently and with always up-to-date specialist knowledge in the preparation of all customs documents, so that your goods reach their destination smoothly and in compliance with the rules.

Unser AEO-F status guarantees you reliable handling of customs warehouses, various simplifications and accelerated processes.

Do you want to outsource your customs clearance so that your employees can concentrate on their core tasks? your Day-to-day business shouldn't be delayed by technical questions regarding customs clearance? You think the Does customs clearance belong in the hands of those who deal with it on a daily basis? Then you will find a competent one in us Partner!

Here you will find everything we need from you to prepare an export declaration.

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