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Industry & export packaging

The Best Order in a Parcel is Know-How!

Packaging for sea or road transport may not seem spectacular at first but it does however obtain much more to it than it appears.

If everything is to arrive safely and undamaged, there are no standard solutions - only those Packaging from Gruber Logistik.

Does packaging make economic sense at your location? If not,  we recommend moving to our Heavy-duty hall and joinery from Gruber Logistik! We'll check your needs and your options and we'll fit efficient packaging and logistical solutions to suit your order.

Use Our service:

  • consultation on site
  • Customized solutions
  • Comprehensive Outsourcing offer
  • Wooden boxes, Overseas crates, heavy duty crates, pallets in our own production
  • Individual Custom-made products 

We pack for you according to the current HPE packaging guidelines:

  • Ocean freight
  • Country- and rail transport
  • Container stowage & Load securing
  • Conservation the complete packaging for worldwide shipping
  • packaging with us (up to 30t) or at your place.

Container stowage: 

  • Container stowage including load securing, with log on request
  • Stowage from open-top containers by crane loading up to 30t
  • VGM creation
  • VCI and desiccant according to DIN 
  • Photo documentation of the stowed container from the outside (incl. container number, seal number) and inside (position of the Shipment, load securing)
  • For We have the optimal solution for difficult requirements 

The IPPC standard as well as all international country regulations are daily business for us. The It goes without saying that we take into account the import regulations for wooden packaging and pallets.

We take over the timely manufacture and delivery of wooden packaging materials & amp; Export packaging of all Type, as well as special packaging.

Our Specialist Staff will be happy to advise you!

Alexander Mayr
Tel: +49 (0) 8376/9760-144
Email: a.mayr@gruber-logistik.de

or: exportverpackung@gruber-logistik.de

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