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At Gruber Logistik we manifacture our own compatible software. We offer you another building block for your Solution concept.


"Too expensive, too big, too cumbersome?, Too heavy on data centers, not mobile, not user-optimized, isolated solutions?" - All of this is our software not. 

Our in-house Software is able to flexibly support and improve your processes. You receive an inexpensive, fast-working, flexible software designed to meet your needs.

To guarantee a secure data transfer between you and us, all APIs are created on our own.

We support the most common data formats such as: EDIFACT, CSV with SFTP, REST, SOAP and are in ALL systems e.g. SAP, Navision etc. can be integrated.

Mobile through apps

More and more tasks in the logistics area are made easier by useful logistics apps and are part of the Digitalization can no longer be imagined.

We offer apps (Android/iOS) For inventory management, archiving management or fleet management.

Web applications

With our in-house software Logisoft2020 as a web version, you can monitor your stocks, stock movements, View articles and proof of delivery in real time.

On request, we can design our own web applications and apps, such as a ride sharing app for founding Real-time carpooling.

Our Specialist Staff will be happy to advise you!

Contact Person:
Nikolaj Keist

Email: n.keist@gruber-logistik.de
Or: edv@gruber-logistik.de

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