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About us


Our philosophy is to apply service in the real sense.The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.

At a time when logistics can generate fewer and fewer costs, we want to be the Logistics service provider and a pioneer in order to provide customers with investments with synergies and experience and reduce fixed costs.

It is our goal to permanently optimize processes and costs in the interest of our customers to respond to all changes and wishes of our customers and to implement them immediately. It is the clarity and transparency of all processes, of course.

We benefit from many years of experience and are open to innovations.

We promote profitability at all levels of our company through cost awareness. Because both our customers and ours benefit from the effectiveness of our work Employee.

We develop innovative and economical solutions for everyone involved. We offer Complete solutions from a single source - because your success is our goal - if there is space in your company once is not enough, or you have to set other priorities, store your order just off. Our employees inspect, count, assemble, test, etc. Quality control we will of course take over the job.

Our capital is our very well trained and motivated employees who work together with develop and implement tailor-made problem solutions for our customers.

General Information


Total storage area:
50.000 m²

Rented third-party warehouse or external warehouse:
46.800 m²

Work and storage space:
We currently have seven external warehouses with constant growth.

Own storage capacity (headquarters in Sulzberg):
3,200 m² covered, cultivated Storage area.

An enlargement of the existing storage area is through an extension of the existing one Company building possible at any time.


From humble beginnings, we have grown up with competence, reliability, customer focus and Professionalism developed into a modern, medium-sized logistics company.

Here you get an overview of the history of our company:


Founding of the company by the owner, Ulrich Gruber in Waltenhofen / Hegge (Allgäu) for the areas of warehousing and logistics.

Lease of 2,400m² Storage area.

Takeover of LINDE gas warehouse with delivery and distribution in entire Oberallgäu and parts of the Ostallgäu to Pfronten.

Takeover of the Consignment warehouse of other companies.


Expansion of the storage area to 2,800m².

Takeover of shipping activities customer-owned locations as part of outsourcing projects.


Introduction of our own software production to secure the growing demands of our customers.


Further expansion by renting 500m² of storage space in Waltenhofen / Hegge to meet growing demand. In the same year the plans start over the new building in Sulzberg.


Relocation of the company headquarters from Waltenhofen / Hegge to the new company building in Sulzberg (approx. 20,000m³ warehouse and packaging room).

Acquisition of worldwide Delivery activities and other outsourcing projects.


Membership in HPE (Federal Association of Wood Packaging, Pallets, Export Packaging e.V.).

Takeover of TEGA refrigerant collection warehouse with delivery and the Distribution throughout the Oberallgäu and the Ostallgäu.


The company has been registered and approved for packaging according to the IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention = International Plant Protection Convention ) Standard.

The new Lettershop business area is introduced.

Receipt of the Permission for commercial temporary employment.


Expansion of the outsourcing activities in the areas of packaging and Export packaging and international shipping.

Start of operation of the Viessmann Collection warehouse for the Allgäu area.


The company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000.

Software SAP becomes introduced.

Renting of a further 3,000 m² of work and storage space in Kempten.


10th anniversary of the Gruber Logistik company. Extension of the working and Storage area around 6,000m².


The company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008. In operation of the Heavy-duty hall for goods up to 30t.


Start of a new logistics center in Kempten with 3,800 m² of storage space.


Expansion and expansion of the export packaging area.


15th anniversary of the Gruber Logistik company and completion of the extension in Sulzberg for our heavy-duty hall and carpentry.


Start of our LEGU I - logistics center in Betzigau / Durach (in cooperation with Lebert Noerpel, Kempten) with 14,500m² of storage space.


20th anniversary of the Gruber Logistik company.

Start of the fashion lay-out Logistics and opening of a new logistics center in Kempten with 5,500 m²


Start of our LEGU II logistics center in Betzigau / Durach (in cooperation with from Lebert Noerpel, Kempten) with 5,500 m² of storage space.

Opening of a new one Logistics center in Waltenhofen with 4,000 m²


Planning of the expansion of the joinery with apartments at the Sulzberg site.


Expansion of the warehouse in Waltenhofen: professional wheel storage incl. individual services.


Opening of a new warehouse with modern facilities in Kaufbeuren. Even faster and more efficient storage and distribution of products. Exact weighing of all goods to make sure every package contains the correct products.

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