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Wie viel Zeit haben Sie?

Probably not enough, right? As a logistician, it is our job to organize your logistics so that you Time expenditure is as low as possible. This leaves more time for your actual business.

An important part of the way to that goal are automated Data interfaces.

What is a data interface?

The transfer of data between two companies is called an interface (also known as a data interface or EDI). The IT systems of the two companies are connected and exchange messages. The news contain all information that is important for the cooperation between the two companies.

There are many data formats and transmission technologies. Two companies rarely use the same ERP system. That is why interfaces are usually adapted to the systems of the two companies.

What does an interface do for me?

You would like to store your goods with a logistician and then regularly from there to your customers or others Have locations delivered.

The logistician needs some information:

  • Which stored goods should be sent?
  • To which recipient should the goods be sent?

You will then receive information back from the logistician:

  • What is the tracking number of the dispatched goods (so that you can track the route of the goods)?
  • It takes a lot of time to enter data in both ERP systems.
  • Prone to errors (typos, forgotten information, etc.).
  • Communication problems (missed call, email in spam filter, wrong email recipient, etc.).

An automated data interface is worthwhile in almost all cases, if only for that saved working hours – the cooperation between you and your logistician is ongoing smoothly and stress-free.

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We have already established interfaces to almost all large ERP systems and many small systems and help You with the implementation:

  • We plan the Interface together with you.
  • We adapt our ERP system to your system in order to keep your effort low.
  • We monitor the Company.

Just write to us without obligation, even if you are not yet a logistics customer:


What's the future like?

Once our interface has been set up, in addition to the basic data (shipping order and tracking numbers) additional data can be sent with little effort:

  • Orders
  • Incoming goods
  • Cancellations
  • Inventory

In addition, you can of course call up all of your stocks at any time via the customer portal on our website.

In a nutshell

The Gruber Logistik ERP system is an in-house development and one of our strengths: the system is from our Programmers constantly improved and expanded. We can therefore easily adapt to your existing IT, and Realize your wishes.

This means that your interface is completed quickly and with little effort for you.

If an interface runs once, it usually ensures smooth processes for many years, goods delivered on time, and saved working time on both sides.

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