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Machines or systems usually have special dimensions. So that these valuable goods are safe with the recipient made to measure, export packaging made of wood or a combination of wood and cardboard is ideal.

What are we going to do? What do we need?

We only you need - we take care of the rest.

We measure the goods on site or define the dimensions on the basis of drawings / CAD files. There we go into the specifications of the goods to be packed individually:

  • where is the focus?
  • where are the support points?
  • do substructures etc. have to be created?
  • Weight distribution in the packaging
  • Statics of the box in relation to the total weight and point load

You are welcome to bring us on board when designing your workpiece to ensure that everything runs smoothly to guarantee the dispatch from the outset. On the basis of this data, we then create free an offer specially tailored to your needs.

The advantage of individual packaging is that no unnecessary space / cargo space is used and thus enormous costs can be saved during transport.

Thanks to the packaging in our stackable wooden boxes, the Cargo space optimally used become. Also the Ladungssicherung simplifies - Due to the construction and nature of our boxes, lashing down is necessary almost any position possible.

For large systems and very heavy goods, we install lashing eyes in the appropriate weight classes on the crate.

If you like our offer, the packaging will be manufactured in our in-house production hall and included our vehicles directly transported to you.

We are happy to come with ours on request Packer team at You over andpack the goods according to your wishes   (e.g. with corrosion protection, indicators, etc). Our packers have all been trained in a special course and are professionals in their field.

From small parts to complete systems, from wine bottles to 60-ton gears - we have the right one Packaging. Both for individual shipments and for series production. Just write to us without obligation at:


We only reprocess wood ISPM 15 Standard and can therefore use our packaging in export all countries in the world.

Also the Transport packaging is part of the image of your product - Custom-made wooden packaging looks professional and high-quality.

So that you can concentrate 100% on your core business, we are happy to take on all other tasks of transport, about the reliable Customs clearanceContainer stowage, Solas / VGM preparation, treatment certificates and much more.

In short, everything that is required for a transport from you to the end customer, to get With us from a single source.

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