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Specialist for warehouse logistics / specialist warehouse clerk

Job title
Specialist for warehouse logistics
specialist warehouse clerk

Duration of training
3 Years (specialist for warehouse logistics)
2 years (specialist warehouse clerk)

To you can do your training:

  • Check all important characteristics of a delivery in the goods acceptance department
  • Unpack, check, sort and label goods
  • Store goods according to regulations (high rack and block storage)
  • Record delivered goods correctly in the warehouse's database system and locate them there if necessary
  • Pack goods correctly and prepare them for delivery
  • Picking and packing of goods
  • Process shipping documents
  • Carry out inventories
  • Customer-oriented teamwork
  • Participation in the organization, planning and optimization
  • Warehouse documentation

These You have further training opportunities: 

  • Technical manager
  • Logistics master
  • Transport specialist
  • Specialist in port management, transport and logistics
  • Specialist for rail operations
  • Degree in technical business administration

Send Send your application portfolio for an apprenticeship to the following address:

Gruber Logistik GmbH
to Ms. Natalia Denisov
Gewerbepark 17
87477 Sulzberg

Or as PDF format to Ms. Denisov: bewerbung@gruber-logistik.de

Gruber Logistik GmbH
Gewerbepark 17
87477 Sulzberg

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Email: info@gruber-logistik.de

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