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Tire logistics

Now other tires are fitted!

What is the problem?

No matter if you are a car dealer operate, a Tire dealer are, a big Vehicle fleet manage, or have no private space:

Tires and wheels often cause useless effort, and distract from the core business:

  • The Deliver and pick up of tires (e.g. for fitting summer and winter tires) is complex and often inefficient.
  • The right tires, rims or wheels are never then on site, if the customer just needs it.
  • Rims and tires must professional stored (temperature, humidity, etc.).
  • Must be all year round sufficient storage area be kept free.
  • The wheels should to Your protection after assembly of Qualified personnel checked become.

That's why we have in Waltenhofen in the Allgäu built a new location, 

the 100% specialized in everything that concerns tires, rims and wheels:

  • Modern tire / rim warehouse, with enough storage space even for large vehicle fleets.
  • Tested and experienced fitters.
  • Modern assembly and balancing machines.
  • Professional shipping: the bikes are properly lashed onto pallets.
  • Delivery and collection by our sprinters to all locations in the region.

That's why we're now putting on other tires!

Thanks to our many years of experience as logisticians, we are in a unique position to offer you one complete All-round service to be able to offer:

you just tell us what you need and we will implement it.


You can buy tires, rims and complete wheels directly have it delivered to us.

We take care of everything else.

Pick up

We can pick up tires and rims on request On request, we can pick up tires and rims directly at your site   with our sprinters.

Also setting up a daily Commuting   is possible. (Summer / winter tire exchange)


We store your goods and you can do them at any time get . Our camp is up TiresRims and Wheels specialized (Temperature monitoring, no humidity, clean storage, air pressure adjusted). We have enough Storage space   - even for large vehicle fleets. You can see your holdings via & nbsp; Cloud Internet access or by email on request.

Control and documentation

On request, we will check your tire sets Tread depth and die durability of the Tire (DOT). You can see your stock levels via the Internet Cloud (car numbers assigned with individual access for you on request or your fleet customers) and the current status of the tread depth and durability of the tire .. 

Of course we inform you in time about the state, so that you can decide in time, so that's the new one Can start the season well right from the start.

Assembly & cleaning

All tires and rims will be with us on request before storage cleaned, and with modern Assembly machines   assembled. We can handle bikes with up to 30 Inch   assemble - from cars to sprinters to sports cars.


Experienced Fitters   also balance and check your wheels laser assisted Balancing machines , and deliver one to you and your customers detailed documentation.


We ship your bikes on your behalf directly to your customers , or deliver with our sprinters at You on site   Collection by your fleet is of course possible.

Disassembly & disposal

We can also dismantle existing wheels, and old tires Dispose of properly.


Thanks to our large capacities, we can also organize special campaigns such as Winter- and swap summer tires take over for you.

Our Specialist staff will be happy to advise you

Silke Bollivo
Tel: +49 (0) 8376 / 9760-170
Email: s.bollivo@gruber-logistik.de

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