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There are many obstacles before a company can sell their products via an online shop. Often companies fail to overcome these obstacles or come into conflict with the law. From the organisation of the products, packaging, warehousing, the creation and administration of the online shop to shipping and control of incoming payments, there are a lot of demands an entrepreneur has to consider. .

We are happy to offer you our support for your online shop:

-Organisation of the goods (organisation of the purchases of the goods by you or by us)
-Warehousing (storage of merchandise, food, heavy and bulky goods. Our warehouses have security personnel/alarm systems, temperature control, 24/7 availability)
-Packaging (individual commissioning of your products, cardboard packaging, flyers, wood export packaging)
-Shipping (world wide shipping of mail and dispatch by forwarding agents with our partners or of your choosing
-Operation of the online shop ( Creation and administration of your online shop, product configurator, setting payment conditions, merchandise management systems, setting articles, interfaces)
-Control of incoming payments & accounting ((partial) acquisition of accounting, e.g. via Datev)

7 tips from our specialists for you!

1. Make sure you have a future-proof online shop system from the start. Inform yourself in the beginning, what your requirements are and whether the software is flexible at use.

2. Uniform and good product pictures can make the difference between a customer clicking on your articles or looking for another supplier. Pay attention on the quality and the background of your pictures.

3. A good online shop features fast shipping, which can be a purchase decision. Online shoppers want to hold the products in their hands after 1-2 days.

4. Automatic order confirmations and notifications with tracking details via mail are a part of customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

5. When you create an online shop, make sure to use search engine optimization, so your shop gets found in the the internet. Here you can make use of the product description, landing pages, ads, meta data, forums, A/B tests and so on.

6. Your online shop has to be constantly available , 365 days a year and able to deliver. Keep in mind to have a reliable representative, who takes care of business, when you are on vacation.

7. Build interfaces between your merchandise management system and your online shop in order to avoid sources of errors. Ensure a smooth operation without manual acquisition.

If you are interested in cooperation are have any questions feel free to contact me at any time.


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Marketing & customer service

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