Exhibition crates

Dear customers and business partners,

in our export department we also manufacture special boxes on request.

These boxes can be dismounted by hand and therefore provide a simple and easy handling – ideal for trade fairs, demonstration models or the like.
Due to their robust and modular design these boxes can be reused, again and again. Your goods are perfectly protected.
Because every work piece is custom-made according to your wishes, your goods fits perfectly into the box.
An inner lining protects the goods from scratches. To protect the goods from theft, every box can be secured with a padlock.
-Of course we fulfil all HPE standards. The boxes can be shipped to every country!-

You see... By constantly working on our service portfolio, we can frequently offer you new possibilities.
Our team works for your interests, so we can meet our guideline: „Everything from a single source“!

Do you have any questions or suggestions for us?
Talk to us... we are looking forward to receive your feedback and requests :)